MailChimp makes it easy to use email to nurture your clients and prospects. You can either create lists of people you want to mail in PipelineDeals and export them to MailChimp with a single click or set a Primary List in PipelineDeals that will automatically add people who you create in PipelineDeals to that list in MailChimp. 

PipelineDeals exports the Work Email address, First Name and Last name to MailChimp. After you send your campaign in MailChimp opens and click-throughs will display on person profiles pages.

Connect to Mailchimp

1. If you don't have a MailChimp account yet, click here to sign up

2. Navigate to the MailChimp integration page within the account settings

3. Click Connect My PipelineDeals Account with MailChimp and enter your MailChimp credentials.

4. Go back to your MailChimp settings in PipelineDeals and click Your MailChimp Lists. If you do not have any MailChimp lists created yet, they will need to be created in MailChimp.

5. Select the double opt-in confirmation and welcome email preferences for the MailChimp lists you want to use with your PipelineDeals account.


Select your Primary Email List

You can enable a Primary Email List to automatically add People who are created in your PipelineDeals account. This feature allows you to keep your master list up to date without needing to manually update your list in MailChimp. Here you can choose your list and set your double opt-in confirmation and welcome email preferences.

Export to MailChimp

You can export lists of people to MailChimp using the bulk actions feature in the People tab. In the People tab, set your filters, select the people you want to add to your list using the checkboxes and select More > Export to MailChimp then select the list.

If the MailChimp list does not appear in the email list dropdown, an admin will need to Update my lists from MailChimp on the integration page in account settings: MailChimp Lists

Mailchimp reporting in PipelineDeals

After you send a campaign to people in your PipelineDeals account, a new Mailchimp section will become visible on the person's profile. Here you can see the campaigns that were sent to them and whether the person opened or clicked through the email. You can also see if the message bounced.

This information is useful to know when you're making follow-ups and will help you understand the types of communications the person has received and use to guide future conversations.



How does double opt-in work?
To learn how double opt-in works, click

Why can't I see my list when I try to Export to Mailchimp?
Your account admin will need to enable the list within your Mailchimp setting in PipelineDeals. To manage your Mailchimp lists, click

Why did my export fail to make it to my Mailchimp account?
Your export will fail if your list in Mailchimp has required fields. Remove the requirement to export people to your MailChimp account.  

I have a question about Mailchimp. How do I get help?
Mailchimp offers a knowledge base and self-service support at

If I send an email in Mailchimp and a recipient unsubscribes, does it update the unsubscribe field in PipelineDeals?
You will need to manually update that field in PipelineDeals one by one.

If a recipient has unsubscribed from an email, will they automatically be unsubscribed in a new list?
No, you will need to update their record in PipelineDeals to say unsubscribed and make sure to filter them out of the new list that you are exporting into Mailchimp.

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