Quickbooks: Using the Integration

Once you have the Quickbooks integration installed, it’s easy to get started. If you need information on how to download and install the plugin, please see our installation article.

Using the Integration

Once you have successfully connected the accounts, all PipelineDeals users on your account will have the ability to create an invoice in QuickBooks from any deals page. If you have a new customer in PipelineDeals, but not in Quickbooks, creating the invoice in PipelineDeals will also add them as a new customer in Quickbooks. The invoices will be posted to the QuickBooks customer but not automatically sent to them.

Access to creating the invoice can be found under the actions menu of any deal profile page in your PipelineDeals account.

Create an invoice from the actions menu

When you choose to invoice, you will be presented with a modal to create the invoice in QuickBooks. There you will have the following options:

  • Choose an existing customer in QuickBooks to associate the invoice to.
  • Set the terms and dates for the invoice.
  • Add your line items from your available selections in QuickBooks with the ability to customize the descriptions, quantity, and rate.

Fill out the invoice menu

Upon submission, you will get a confirmation in PipelineDeals of the successful creation of the invoice in QuickBooks along with the invoice number. An activity note will be created on the record that will link to the QuickBooks invoice.

PipelineDeals will give you confimation of sucessful invoice transmittal

The invoice now exists under that customer in QuickBooks ready for approval and sending!

The invoice will be sent to your QuickBooks account

Disconnecting the integration

At any point, PipelineDeals administrators can navigate back to the integrations area and disconnect the QuickBooks account from the PipelineDeals account.

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