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PipelineDeals can track your business relationships, interactions, and important files, through Companies, Deals and People.

Add a new Person, Deal, or Company record from anywhere in your account by selecting the + in the upper right corner. Once the record has been created it will land in the corresponding list view. Companies, Deals, and People can also be added from their respective tabs by clicking on the Add new deal (or person or company) button located on the right-hand side of the page. Admins can customize the new record forms in account settings > add/edit forms.   PipelineDeals.png


You can add Companies, Deals, and People by importing a .CSV, Excel spreadsheet, or vCard within the corresponding list view. To learn more about importing, link to Importing Overview article.

Add People via Email

If you send an email to a new contact or lead and BCC, PipelineDeals will create a new person and associate the email correspondence in the activity section on that person profile page.

You can also add a new lead by emailing Click the link to learn more about adding people using email.

Note: Emails will need to be sent from an email address listed in your My Profile settings.

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